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Fixed Deposit

A Designed for risk-averse investors, fixed deposit accounts let you earn interest on the deposited amount over a fixed period of time. The interest rate usually varies from 4.50% p.a. to 8% p.a. depending on the tenure, which is usually up to 10 years. Some lenders also offer up to 0.5% additional interest rate for senior citizens.

Fixed Deposit In Simple Process provide Fixed Deposit in simple document process. First you provide document and our company verify document and provdie your Fixed Deposit.

Simple procedure

Less Document

No Security or Guarantors

How Does a Fixed Deposit Account Work?

When you put your money to work in fixed deposits, you basically lock the amount for a fixed period of time. You can earn interest on the principal sum throughout the tenure, on a cumulative basis. The interest earned gets added to the principal amount after every specific interval.Since the tenures are flexible, you have the option to manage multiple FD accounts spread across different tenures. That way, you will be able to earn more on your investments. Senior citizens are eligible for additional rates, usually 0.50% more than the existing rate.Other than this, even NRIs (Non-resident Indians) can open FD accounts in India in the form of NRE (Non-resident External) and NRO (Non-resident Ordinary) FDs.You can open a term deposit account with a bank where you already have a savings account. There are banks that let you open an FD account even if you don’t have a savings account with that bank. However, with such banks, you have to go through a KYC process where you have to present relevant documents, including ID proof, address proof, passport size photographs, among others.